Disposable Masks


Disposable Face Masks

Disposable masks and respirators are essential when working in environments where there is exposure to potentially harmful dust or particles. These airborne particles, often too small to see with the naked eye, can cause a myriad of health and respiratory problems if there are no measures in place to prevent inhalation.

With the increased awareness around the dangers of exposure to Asbestos and other similar materials, these risks should not be ignored. Disposable masks provide an effective method of protecting employees and operatives from the risk of exposure to airborne particles.

Enfield Safety are a leading disposable face mask supplier, offering safety masks and respirators at competitive prices. We stock a wide range of dust masks in flat and moulded options that come with or without valves depending on your requirements.

Our valved respirators are ideal for construction operatives working on dusty sites, and with bulk quantities you can protect your entire workforce in a cost-effective manner.

We also offer other forms of respiratory protection for use in environments where the potential risk of contamination is more significant, therefore requiring additional safety measures. We stock a range of positive and negative pressure masks, as well as full face respiratory masks for use in particularly demanding circumstances.

For more information regarding the respiratory protection options we have available please contact one of our experienced sales representatives on 0330 003 5710 to discuss your requirements.

No one works harder to bring you health, safety and welfare products at the right price, on time, everytime.

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