Spill Kits


Spillage Kits

Spillages of chemicals, fuels and other pollutants are a real hazard to both life and the environment, unfortunately the risk of spills happening are ever present on constructions sites and industrial projects.

With increasing legislation based on the outcome that the polluter is liable financially, many companies have now adopted a proactive rather than reactive response to spillage control to limit the impact of any spillage on the surrounding environment.
It is essential to have measures in place that allow you to respond to any accidents quickly when they happen, having the right equipment to do so is vitally important.

Enfield Safety are leading UK suppliers of spill kits and absorbents specially designed to meet the requirements of the construction and other related industries.
We stock a wide range of spill kits designed to deal with various different oils, chemicals and accidents of all sizes. All of our spill kits are colour coded in line with industry practices, allowing for quick identification of the right kit need in the event of a spillage, and stored in waterproof, easy to store containers.

Chemical spillage kits, usually yellow, can be used to absorb acids, alkalis, oils, fuels and some solvents cutting fluids, foodstuff and water. Chemical absorbents absorb virtually any fluid including most aggressives. Although these are safe with most fluids, it is best to test a small piece when a different fluid is introduced into the working environment.

Oil and fuel spill kits, generally white, are used to absorb oils, fuels and some solvents. The oil-only absorbents are hydrophobic meaning that they will repel water and water-based fluids. This means they are therefore capable of remaining on the water’s surface for long periods of time, where they will only absorb any oils that are present.

In addition to standard spill kits for chemicals and oils, we also stock a range of related products; such as the spill station, a dedicated PPE station used to dispense spillage equipment, and Chemical PPE kits to protect workers while dealing with spills.

We also offer on-site surveys that provide a written assessment of your requirements to comply with current legislation, available nationwide free of charge. To book an appointment or for more information contact our sales team on 0333 003 5710.

No one works harder to bring you health, safety and welfare products at the right price, on time, everytime.

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