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Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Traditionally, hard wired fire alarm systems were used in commercial and industrial environments. Typically installed when originally built or refurbished, this made it easier to lay the cables where needed at the time. However, this is not always possible or desirable, and when this is the case a wireless fire alarm system provides the preferred alternative.

Wireless systems are perfect when a quick or temporary installation is required, such as for use on construction sites.
Wireless fire alarms do not require cable between either the alarms or control panels, connecting via radio signals or wifi, meaning the decoration and structure of the building or space does not need to be affected.

The technology behind wireless alarms has improved greatly since they first came on the market, and it is now accepted that they are just as reliable as a hard wired system. A wireless system can be more cost effective as it does not require expensive installation, alarm points can also be reused by moving the units to wherever on site they may be needed.

The Defender HFR Alarm Range by Enfield Safety has been developed for the Construction industry offering a unique blend of reliability, rugged longevity and price sensitivity. Simple to use, flexible and easy to maintain the HFR Range is fast becoming the UK’s Construction industry’s No.1 choice.

The Defender allows up to 40 addressable call points to be connected with each base station, and the 108 decibels of the sounders will prevent the alarm from being drowned out by the noise of the site. Each of these can be bought separately, allowing you to have as many or few as needed.

In addition to wireless fire alarms Enfield Safety manufacture and supply a wide range of fire safety equipment and accessories, including extinguishers, stands and fire safety signage.

Benefits of Wireless Fire Alarms

  • Quick and Easy to Install
  • Cost Effective Compared To A Hard Wired System
  • Perfect For Constructions Sites
  • No Cables Required

No one works harder to bring you health, safety and welfare products at the right price, on time, everytime.

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