• C.L.A.P for Frontline Heroes Campaign

    At Enfield Safety we’re pulling out all the stops 24/7 to support our Frontline Heroes. From doctors, nurses and care home workers to police and fire personnel we have been supporting the frontline in providing products, logistics and equipment throughout the UK. Read More

    By Hans Stacey April 16 2020

  • Statement to Enfield Safety Customers & Suppliers

    In light of the COVID-19 situation being upgraded to a pandemic and new government guidance being issued, we are implementing the following measures to proactively manage and mitigate the risk to our employees, customers and suppliers. Read More

    By Hans Stacey March 18 2020

  • Spotlight on: High Visibility Workwear

    Ensuring the visibility of your teams working in low visibility environments is essential for their safety. This is particularly true on sites where heavy machinery or vehicles are operating nearby. High visibility workwear is a must. As an employer, it is your duty to provide this equipment free of charge to any at-risk workers. Read More

    By Hans Stacey February 18 2020

  • Site Safety Communications Made Simple

    Effectively communicating health and safety messaging across site can be a complex task. Here at Enfield Safety, we’re here to help you find the right site safety communications, so you have the correct signage in place for a safe and efficient working environment. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley February 11 2020

  • Hazardous Goods Storage from Armorgard

    A number of hazards may be created when storing dangerous substances. These hazards have the potential to affect people working on site, the emergency services in the event of an incident, the general public and even the environment. If you use any hazardous chemicals at your worksite, you are responsible for ensuring they are stored safely in a way that complies with current regulations. Read More

    By Hans Stacey February 10 2020

  • Safety Gloves: Balancing Comfort, Dexterity and Protection

    Many tasks require a degree of manual dexterity and can leave hands exposed to a range of hazards. Risks include cuts, abrasions, vibration, burns, heat, cold, chemical contamination, infection, skin irritation and dermatitis. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley January 28 2020

  • Stay Safe and Seen with Exceptional Value Hi Vis from Enfield Safety

    On sites with moving machinery or vehicles, high visibility workwear (also known as hi vis clothing or hi viz) is non-negotiable. Low light conditions and bad weather can decrease visibility even further. It’s vital that at-risk teams are kitted out with high-standard visibility workwear to keep them safe. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley January 18 2020

  • Keep Snug in the Cold with the Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner

    Without the right gear, working outdoors in the cold can be miserable. Teams without sufficient warm weather wear can experience lowered productivity and eroded wellbeing. Hard hat workers face a particular challenge as hard hats take priority over warm head wear like thermal hats. How can these workers stay warm without compromising safety? Read More

    By Samuel Rapley January 10 2020

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