Tested & Approved: EMITAGS are Fully Compatible with all JSP Hard Hats

Emergency ID tags have become commonplace at high risk sites such as those found in the construction, oil and gas industries. Recently, a customer got in touch to ask if the adhesive used in the tag might affect the integrity of a hard hat and compromise safety.

We’ve always been confident in the safety credentials of our tags, but we were keen to put our customers mind at rest, so sent the EMITAG off to our friends at JSP for testing.

The result? Full marks! After a comprehensive 3-month trial, we are happy to report that the EMITAG has been confirmed suitable for use on all JSP helmets. The EMITAG is also fully tamper proof so your information if safe and private unless it’s needed in an emergency. 

Why Invest in Emergency Medical ID for Your Team? 

At Enfield Safety we help companies eliminate as many emergency situations as possible, but sadly accidents or medical emergencies can still happen. Emergency medical ID tags provide a casualty’s medical details when they are unable to speak for themselves. They give paramedics, first responders and first aiders immediate access to critical medical information and emergency contacts without having to search through HR files.

Implementing a medical ID tag system at a construction site, or other hard hat environment, demonstrates proactive safety management. An efficient and well-informed response to an accident or acute medical condition greatly improves outcomes for causalities. Having the correct medical details on hand helps paramedics avoid misdiagnosis and allows effective treatment without delay. This can prevent minor emergencies from escalating and could even eliminate the need for a hospital trip.

EMITAGS are ideal for construction industry workers and other hard hat wearing professionals such as those in the oil and gas industry, aviation and retail. Just think, if you were involved in an accident your biggest concerns would be receiving quick and appropriate emergency care and knowing that your family where informed as soon as possible. 

Does an EMITAG Have to Attach to a Hard Hat?

Hard hats are a good place to attach medical ID as it’s an easily visible location. However, for workers who don’t wear a hard hat consistently, EMITAGs can also be attached to an existing name badge or worker ID card. 

Need to restock EMITAGs for your team? Prices start at just 95p per tag. Shop online or talk to the Enfield Safety team on 0333 003 5710.

Enfield Safety – no one works harder to bring you health, safety and welfare products at the right price, on time, every time.


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