Time for a Break? Construction Site Canteen Checklist

A canteen facility is an essential component for the majority of construction sites, especially larger ones. Not only is a canteen a requirement of health and safety law in most circumstances, a well-stocked site canteen can also significantly improve staff wellbeing and productivity.

By providing a separate canteen space, site operatives can get away from working areas and relax, eat and take a break in comfortable, safe surroundings. Having somewhere on-site also means that employees save time in their day, as they don’t have to leave site in search of refreshments. What’s more, canteens aren’t just places to eat, they also provide a place for workers to relax and de-stress and are an important social space where teammates can interact.   

Organising your construction site canteen? Here’s your checklist of essential supplies to ensure you have everything you need for a happy team.

✓ Canteen Furniture


Construction workers often spend many working hours on their feet. Make sure there are plenty of comfortable chairs and tables where employees can take a break. Choose tables, chairs or benches made from durable materials that can withstand the tough conditions of a construction site.


✓ Kitchen Appliances

Providing essential appliances such as a fridge, kettle, microwave and toaster ensures your team can safely store and reheat food brought from home. Outdoor workers will particularly appreciate being able to warm up a mug of soup in colder months.

✓ Consumables


Offering basic supplies such as tea, coffee, milk, sugar and snacks is a great way to show your team how much you value the. Don’t forget, it’s ok to have the odd biscuit, but try rotating sugary treats with fruit and healthier snack options to keep your team at their best.

✓ Water


It’s no secret that drinking plenty of water is good for you and that ensuring employees stay hydrated at work keeps them alert and productive. Provide water stations and encourage operatives to bring a water bottle to work which can be refilled during the day. Keep a supply of bottled water on hand for hot days when staff may need extra hydration.

✓ Cutlery and Crockery


No one likes going to make themselves a cup of tea at work and finding an empty mug cupboard! Stock up on mugs, plates, cups and cutlery for staff to use. Think of the environment: use disposable options sparingly and only in situations where non-disposable cutlery and crockery are not practical.

Everything You Need in One Place

Need help stocking your construction site canteen? Here at Enfield Safety we can supply everything you need to furnish and stock your site canteen to save you time and money. We stock everything from site canteen furniture including tables, benches and chairs, to appliances and cutlery, all at competitive prices and with super-fast delivery times.

Shop online or talk to one of our Safety Champions today for all your construction site canteen needs: 0333 003 5710


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