Construction Site Office Supplies Checklist

The contracts are signed and your project timeline and budget are in place. You’re all set to take on your next construction challenge. Have you got all the essential supplies for your construction site office?

Your site office is the hub of your construction project: a space where planning, communication and administration take place. You’ll need office furniture, the right paperwork, fire safety equipment, PPE, heating and cooling devices and welfare supplies.

Sound like a long list? Don’t panic, here at Enfield Safety we’ve put together a checklist of essential items and can supply everything you need to get your site office up and running smoothly.

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Checklist – Got Everything You Need?

We know what it’s like, site offices are often set up in a rush. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve got everything you need:

✓ Key Documents

The right paperwork and documentation is crucial, not just for when the HSE come to visit, but also to communicate key procedures across your team and keep a record of activities. The easiest way to cover the basics is with a Site Compendium Pack: a selection of regularly required statutory instruments, forms and guidance books. Pack includes: a site accident book, visitor book, health and safety law poster, standard poster pack, key publications and essential signage.

✓ Furniture

Keep equipment organised and workers comfy with essential furniture, including chairs, tables, filing cabinet, desks and storage. Our furniture is made to highest quality, designed to be easily assembled and installed yet withstand the tough conditions found on site.

✓ Welfare Supplies

Every construction site needs to ensure an adequate level of comfort and well-being for the whole team. Our standard welfare kit contains all the basic items to keep your site office clean and tidy, including cleaning equipment and everything needed to keep the team supplied with hot drinks.

✓ Fire Safety

Your site office needs appropriate fire safety equipment such as a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket. Your office should be covered by your site-wide fire safety plan. Consider using wireless fire alarm technology which provides flexibility and cost savings for ever-evolving construction sites.

✓ First Aid Kits

Every site office needs a first aid kit. Don’t forget, it’s likely you’ll require additional first aid kits stationed throughout your site – find out how many here. 

✓ Spare PPE and Workwear

Keep spare PPE and clothing on hand, such as gloves and high vis vests, so you can provide visitors with the correct safety equipment and also offer replacements when kit is damaged.

✓ Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling products, such as fans, heaters and air conditioning units, ensure you can maintain comfortable working conditions regardless of weather conditions. 


Construction site set up is a complex task. Find out more about our site-set up solutions [link to previous blog, not yet published] to save you time and money with fire safety, welfare, signage, workwear and PPE.

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