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During the shorter days and more difficult weather conditions of Winter months, it’s vital to kit your team out with appropriate hi vis wear. We’ve gathered the essentials to cover all your hi vis requirements at exceptional value

Hi Visibility Vests 


Hi vis vests are one of the most common items of safety workwear: a mandatory requirement in many working environments. Competitively priced and available in a range of colours, with the option to print your company logo and details. Children’s hi vis also available for your younger site visitors.

Hi Vis Polos 


Lightweight and comfortable to wear, hi vis polos are perfect for everyday wear, particularly in warmer weather. Available in orange and yellow and a wide range of sizes.

Hi Vis Jackets 


For extra protection from the elements when working outside, hi vis jackets are made from durable material that can withstand tough conditions. Available with a range of options and features to suit all requirements.

Hi Visibility Trousers 


Hi vis trousers offer extra visibility when needed. Made from premium materials, our trousers have a range of features to provide additional comfort to the wearer, including breathable linings and elasticated waists.

All Weather Hi Vis


When workers face more challenging weather conditions, you need to offer extra protection. We stock a range of wind and waterproof jackets and trousers to keep your team warm and working well.

Visilite Hard Hat Illumination


Have you considered hard hat illumination to provide extra visibility to vulnerable workers? Hard hat illumination systems provide further protection by adding a luminous strip with 50m visibility at the most easily seen part of the body.

Hi Vis ID Armbands


Durable and comfortable to wear, these hi vis armbands hold ID cards and permits in a clear and noticeable display. Adjustable elasticated strap for comfort and fit. Other colour high visibility bands available to order. 

Hi Vis Rucksack


Using a conventional rucksack can cover a large proportion of hi vis on a worker. If a rucksack is needed over hi vis clothing, use a hi vis rucksack to keep team members protected.

Hi Visibility Cap

If hard hats aren’t required and you need sun protection or an extra bit of warmth, keep the head visible with a hi vis cap.

Hi Vis Fleeces & Sweatshirts


During colder months, extra layers may be needed for warmth. Layering also allows people to adapt to temperature changes – hi vis fleeces and hi vis sweatshirts may be worn underneath hi vis coats to make sure workers are still visible if coats become too warm for conditions.

All hi visibility clothing must be suitable for the task and the worker. Check out our hi vis safety check list and hi vis standards explained to make sure your hi vis is up to the task.  

Looking for high quality workwear at exceptional value? Contact our safety champions today to talk through your hi vis workwear requirements. Speak to the team on: 0333 003 5710. 

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