Keep Snug in the Cold with the Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner

Without the right gear, working outdoors in the cold can be miserable. Teams without sufficient warm weather wear can experience lowered productivity and eroded wellbeing. Hard hat workers face a particular challenge as hard hats take priority over warm head wear like thermal hats. How can these workers stay warm without compromising safety?

Network Rail and the Track Safety Alliance noticed this issue when track workers were complaining about cold heads and ears and subsequent ill health and fatigue during the winter months.  They approached JSP’s Research and Development team to develop a thermal safety helmet liner that keeps the wearer’s ears and head warm, allows good hearing and works with a safety helmet. 

The team at JSP came up with the SureFit™ Thermal Helmet Liner, which is fully approved to be worn with the JSP EVO range of Safety Helmets across all construction sites. The clever design prevents workers from wearing incompatible and unsafe alternatives such as hoodies or beanies under their helmets. These can reduce the field of vision and compromise the helmet’s fit.

JSP said: “Compatibility is key when combining PPE and this new helmet liner will prevent workers from wearing incompatible and dangerous alternatives such as hoodies under their helmets.” 


Surefit™ Thermal Helmet Liner Key Features: 

Maximum Comfort

Designed to cover the entire ear for maximum comfort and warmth, the SureFit™ Liner is made from stretchy material, providing a tight fit for minimal interference and is suitable for all head sizes. Lightweight for all day comfort.

Custom Branding Option

Keep your team on brand with custom embroidering. The ear flaps on the SureFit™ Liner can be customised with a corporate logo by our in-house design team.

Thermal Insulation

The SureFit™ Thermal Helmet Liner provides the wearer with warmth and protection from cold environments. The deep edges are designed to cover the entire ear.

Fully Compatible

The SureFit™ Thermal Helmet Liner is compatible with all JSP EVO Safety Helmets. Compatibility approved by the Track Safety Alliance.  

Convenient & Hygienic

The SureFit™ Thermal Helmet Liners are also machine washable at 30°C, so it’s easy to keep them fresh and clean. 


User review: ’Perfect beanie for inside a hard hat. Comes low enough at the sides to cover the ears’’ 

Shop online or talk to one of our Safety Champions about the SureFit™ Thermal Helmet Liner today on 0333 033 5710.

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