Revolutionising Respiratory Protection with Powered Air Respirators

Our new Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) were a big hit with lots of you at this year's Safety and Health Expo. These clever systems are catching the eye of health and safety professionals across multiple industries and are making waves in the field of respiratory protection.

How Powered Air Respirators Work

PAPRs, also sometimes known as positive-pressure masks, consist of a respirator in the form of a hood or full-face mask. The system takes ambient air, which may be contaminated with damaging particulates, fibres and mists, and actively filters out a sufficient proportion of these pollutants and pathogens. The filter system is battery powered, using a motorised fan to draw air through. Filtering results in the delivery of clean air to the user. 

Benefits of Powered Air Respirators

  • Suitable for Prolonged Use: As there is none of the resistance to breathing associated with negative pressure masks, Powered Air systems can safely be used over long periods.
  • Easier, More Comfortable Breathing: Rather than relying on lung power to draw air through a filter, a powered system lets you breathe more naturally.
  • No Need for Face Fit Testing: Unlike traditional mask solutions, Powered Air systems do not rely on Face Fit testing as the powered air supply means there's always a positive pressure barrier protecting against outside contaminates.
  • No Need to be Clean-shaven: Even significant facial hair is not a problem as a tight face to mask seal is not required.
  • Safe for Higher Exertion Activities: We offer systems that actively monitor breathing rate, allowing safe airflow to be delivered during higher exertion activities.

All the Powered Air Respirators in the Enfield Safety range have been specifically selected to address the most common risks across Construction and Industry associated with exposure to damaging particulates, fibres and mists. 

Would Powered Air Purifying Respirators be beneficial for your team? Talk to one of our Safety Champions to discuss your requirements on: 0333 003 5710.

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