Winter is Here: How to Keep Outdoor Teams Safe and Warm in the Cold

The 1st of December marks the meteorological start of winter. It’s official: winter is here, bringing lower temperatures, glistening frosts and, of course, the chance of snow.

If you have outdoor teams, the cold season requires extra measures to keep colleagues safe and snug. Being well prepared is essential: with the right planning and equipment in place, productivity and wellbeing can stay high, despite the cold.


Preparations for Your Site


Staying ahead of the winter weather means having everything you need on site for a cold snap before it arrives. This includes gritting supplies, ground coverings and snow shovels. If you want to ensure you don’t miss anything, the Enfield Safety Winter Kits include everything you need and come in a range of sizes to suit different sites.

Once you have the right equipment in place, keep a close eye on the forecast by regularly visiting a reliable weather service site, such as the Met Office website. Preventative measures can then be taken ahead of time to minimise risk and disruption from ice or snow.


Preparations for Your Team

Without adequate protection, workers exposed to the cold can experience reduced wellbeing and productivity. What’s more, they’ll also face a higher chance of having an accident due to loss of dexterity and concentration. Once again, preparation is key: ensure you have all the workwear and PPE required for your teams before bad weather hits.

Layering is a useful strategy. Using layers traps insulating warm air between garments, protecting the wearer from the elements. Try using fleeces underneath winter jackets and coats and add a sweat wicking thermal base layer if needed. Our winter workwear includes high visibility wear for when visibility is a priority. 

Don’t forget extremities. Numb fingers and toes are miserable and can affect dexterity and balance. Warm gloves, thermal socks and good safety footwear will keep numb fingers and toes at bay. Winter hats are also recommended to stop warmth being lost through the head. For hard hat workers, use an insulating beanie which is compatible with the hard hat in use and doesn’t impede vision or hearing.


Need to top up your winter gear? Talk to one of our Safety Champions today on 0333 003 5710. Next day delivery is available on the majority of products. 

Enfield Safety – no one works harder to bring you health, safety and welfare products at the right price, on time, every time.

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