Safety Gloves: Balancing Comfort, Dexterity and Protection

Many tasks require a degree of manual dexterity and can leave hands exposed to a range of hazards. Risks include cuts, abrasions, vibration, burns, heat, cold, chemical contamination, infection, skin irritation and dermatitis.

Hand injuries remain one of the most frequent types of workplace accident. The latest figures show that 25% of all workplace incidents involve hands and fingers and that wearing gloves reduces hand injury risk by 60%.

Balancing Cut Protection with Comfort and Dexterity

Ensuring you have sufficient cut protection is vital. It’s essential that you select gloves with a protection level that matches the risks of the task they will be used for. 



Don’t forget, high level of cut protection will be no use at all if workers don’t wear their gloves. Cut protection needs to be balanced with usability to avoid workers taking gloves off due to lack of comfort or impaired dexterity.

Aside from the risk of gloves being removed and workers being left without protection, reduced dexterity can in itself lead to accidents. What’s more, uncomfortable gloves or those with poor breathability can increase the risk of skin conditions. 

Thankfully, there has been plenty of progress in recent years with innovative glove manufacturing techniques and there is now a much wider range to choose from that balances comfort and dexterity with protection. If you are looking for cut resistant hand and arm protection that combines high levels of comfort, breathability and dexterity and without compromising on protection, check out the Enfield Safety hand protection range.  

Considerations for Cold Conditions


In cold conditions, workers need extra protection against the cold to guard against problems with grip and dexterity. Look for options such as the Wondergrip range. These double dipped, waterproof latex gloves provide excellent grip, whether in wet or dry conditions. Incorporating a 13-gauge nylon liner these fully coated gloves retain excellent dexterity, flexibility and exceptional comfort. Available in standard or thermal varieties.

Need help selecting hand protection? Talk to one of our Safety Champions today on: 0333 003 5710.

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