How a 95p Product Could Save a Life

How many of your team have an ongoing medical condition? Do you know who is taking prescription medication? How many of your team have an allergy?

Even in small teams, it’s unlikely you know the answers to these questions. What if you needed this information urgently? What if one of your team became unconscious in an emergency and was unable to provide this vital information to first responders. How long would it take to rummage though HR files to find the teammates details? Information about existing medical conditions, allergies and medication allow first responders to give patients the most appropriate treatment possible. It could even mean the difference between life and death.

There is a simple solution to this problem and it costs as little as 95p per person. An EMITAG (Emergency Medical ID Tag), also known as an ICETAG, can be worn on a hard hat or attached to an existing employee ID card. Inside the tag, the wearer can detail any medical conditions, medications and allergies. This gives first responders (who are trained to looks for medical ID) immediate access to this critical information. 

Emergency Contacts

If you were involved in an accident, after quick medical attention, the next thing you’d want to be sure of, is that your loved ones are informed quickly. Once again, if you’re wearing an EMITAG, there’s no need for managers to sort through HR files. Your emergency contacts can be found on your EMITAG and contacted right away. 

How Enfield Safety Can Help

At Enfield Safety we help workplaces eliminate as many emergency situations as possible. Unfortunately, in high risk industries like construction, incidents still happen. EMITAGS give your team peace of mind that they will receive the best care possible in an emergency.They are ideal for construction industry workers and other hard hat wearing professionals such as those in the oil and gas industry, aviation and retail. 


We provide EMITAGS at unbeatable prices, with discounts on bulk purchases making it cost effective to supply your entire site. They can be bought in conjunction with a wide range of complimentary safety products for construction sites, including safety helmets. 

For more information on the EMITAG, or to request a free sample, contact one of our Safety Champions on 0330 003 5710.


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