Are You Ready to: Stop. Make a Change?

Stop. Make a Change 2018 is fast approaching. If you’re part of the UK construction industry, here’s what you need to know about the industry wide initiative.

April 2017 saw the launch of Stop. Make a Change across the UK infrastructure sector. The initiative brought together 60,000 employees across 1,000 sites, offices and production facilities. Teams downed tools for a whole day to work together to build a safer, healthier industry.

This year, Stop. Make a Change is back with even bigger ambitions, expanding its focus to the whole of the UK construction industry. The event will run for a full two weeks (16th-27th April) and will once again ask teams across the country to stand down from regular work to make time to think, discuss and plan for better health and safety performance.

​For 2018, the focus is on two leading priorities for the industry: mental health and plant safety. Organisations taking part will receive a wealth of resources to help them get to grips with these two challenging issues. Construction mental health charity Mates in Mind have also come on board to provide free ‘Manage the Conversation’ training courses for managers on 24th April in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Newcastle.

Steve Hails, chair of Mates in Mind said:

 “In workplaces across the UK, managers and supervisors are increasingly being approached by workers who are suffering with poor mental health. For many managers, this is a challenging prospect and they may be nervous about how to handle such a conversation. We are proud to support Stop. Make a Change, and to work with CECA to offer training for managers to be more confident in these situations”.

How to Get Involved

Some of the UK’s largest building companies have already signed up to get involved in this year’s Stop. Make a Change, and it’s not too late to join the action.

Stop. Make a Change is open to any organization involved in UK construction or maintenance. This includes designers, consultants, material suppliers and product manufacturers. To find out more, visit

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