The Benefits of Wireless Fire Alarms on Construction Sites

Fires can devastate lives and businesses. Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to fires and often contain materials which allow fires to spread quickly. Not only could a fire on your site kill or injure members of your team or the public, it could also result in hefty repair bills and costly delays.

Keeping on top of your fire safety is paramount and a quality fire alarm system is essential part of the process. With budgets and timescales at stake, wireless fire alarm technology can have considerable benefits for construction sites. In this blog post, we explore the advantages.


Construction sites are constantly evolving: you need a fire alarm system which is flexible. Wireless fire alarm components are easy to move, making it possible to quickly adapt or expand a system to accommodate changes on-site. What’s more, in locations where alarms only need to temporary, wireless systems can simply be moved to your next project.

Budget friendly

With traditional wired systems, the necessary cabling and man hours involved in installation can be expensive. In comparison, wireless fire alarms require minimal set-up or site interference, providing instant savings. In retro-fit projects, this can be especially useful if substantial work would be needed to bring a site back to pre-installation conditions.

Time saving

Not only do wireless fire alarm systems save money, they also keep installation time to a minimum. On large scale projects, this could be the difference between waiting days or weeks for installation to be completed.

Reach the inaccessible

Providing wireless fire alarm components are positioned within range of the modules that receive their signals, you can fix them almost anywhere. This benefit makes wireless systems able to deliver coverage in difficult or inaccessible locations where wiring traditional systems would be problematic.


In projects where appearance matters, wireless systems can be preferable to avoid unsightly cables, wires or holes in the wall.

Safety advantages

Wireless alarms minimize the risk of loose wires becoming a hazard or disrupting your system.  Quality systems also come with anti-vandal covers, tamper tags, instant connectivity health check and low battery indicators to ensure that your system is never compromised.

At Enfield Safety, we stock the latest wireless fire alarm technology and have some of the UK’s leading experts on the Defender Fire Alarm range on hand to discuss your requirements. Need your system ASAP? Order before 3pm and we’ll deliver before 12 noon the next day.

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