Tool Tethering: How to Choose a Tool Lanyard

KEY TAKEAWAY: Well-chosen lanyards make work at height tasks safer and more efficient. Select a lanyard that fits the worker, tool and task at hand.


When a tool lanyard hampers a worker’s efforts, it can result in frustration, lower productivity or non-compliance. What’s more, an unsuitable lanyard can become a hazard if it’s the wrong length, poor quality or has an insufficient load capacity.   

Here are the key questions to keep in mind when choosing the right equipment for the job.

How long should your lanyard be?

Tool tethering equipment needs to be long enough to provide sufficient reach and mobility, but not too long that it becomes a trip hazard. Choose the shortest practical length considering clearance distance of workstations below. Retractable lanyards can be a useful tool for keeping optimum length in multiple work scenarios.

Is the lanyard comfortable to use?

Select a lanyard that’s lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. Your team may be carrying multiple tools, so you don’t want equipment to add unnecessary weight or bulk.

What movement does the task require?

Consider the task and tool involved. What movement is required? Your lanyard needs to allow sufficient mobility for the task at hand. Choose a lanyard with a swivel attachment for rotating tools such as screwdrivers.

Will the tool be single or multiple use?

A tool used repeatedly on a job needs to be accessible. For lightweight, multiple use tools, a wristband lanyard is a great option. In contrast, if a tool is needed infrequently, it’s more practical to attach it to a tool belt or tool bag.

How much does your tool weigh?

Check that your lanyard has sufficient load capacity for the tool. You can always use a lanyard with a heavier load rating, but one with a similar weight range will reduce bulk and excess weight.

Will the lanyard be strong and durable?

Choose from a trusted supplier who rigorously test products for strength and durability. Look for testing protocols in accordance with BS EN 364:1993.

Is your team confident using tool tethering equipment?

Make sure your team receives comprehensive training so that they can use equipment safely. Knowledge and confidence are the key to a safe and productive team.

Types of lanyard


Lanyard Type


Length/ Load Capacity


Webbing Lanyard   

1m/ Up to 5kg

Economical and durable. Made from lightweight Teflonised webbing and stainless-steel components. Resistant to abrasion, heat, chemicals and UV. Available with d rings, choke-on or swivel connectors.

Elasticated Lanyard 

1 m (1.9m

stretched)/ Up to 5kg

Elasticated pro-core lanyard with stainless-steel components. Highly durable and versatile. Elasticity reduces snagging issues and impact force. Multiple connector options.

Retractable Lanyard 

1.25 m extended length)/ Up to 5kg

Zero clutter and maximum productivity. Smooth action. heavy duty, retractable tool lanyard. Fits easily to belts and harness straps. Built in swivel connector to prevent line-twist.

Coiled Lanyard  

44 cm length (190 cm expanded)/ Up to 5kg

Ultimate in strength and durability. Compact design with inbuilt coil reduces impact force. Stainless steel swivelling rings add extra mobility.

Wire Lanyard

1m/ Standard: Up to 5kg

Ultimate pro; up to 30kg

Lightweight, strong and highly durable. Stainless steel wire lanyard housed in a rubber sleeve. Swivel connector prevents twisting. Ideal for harsh environments.

Pro version uses a thicker steel in reinforced PU sleeve for tools up to 30kg

Wrist Lanyard  

Up to 30cm with extension/ Up to 5kg

Ergonomic wristband with expansion joints for extra comfort and emergency release should the wristband be caught in a hazard. Velcro overlock and retainer loop prevents accidental unfastening. Easily adjustable.


At Enfield Safety, every piece of equipment is designed with comfort and usability in mind and tested to the highest standards. Talk to one of our height safety experts today to discuss your tool tethering and training requirements.

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