Winter Proof Your Team: Preparing for Cold Weather

As winter approaches, organising cold weather workwear and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be a priority. What’s more, with the rise of more extreme weather patterns in the UK, we must be more vigilant than ever and plan ahead to keep teams safe.

Ensuring team members stay warm is a matter of safety as well as comfort. Cold can affect decision making, performance of manual tasks and increase the likelihood of unsafe behaviour. Staff well-being and productivity can also take a hit. Here’s what you can do to safeguard your team this winter. 

Plan Ahead

Assess cold weather risks ahead of time to ensure you have adequate protection when bad conditions hit. Preparations, including sourcing cold weather workwear and PPE, must be done well in advance. Don’t forget, good fitting workwear is vital. Organise sizing requirements carefully when planning and offer a wider range of sizing options to workers.

Monitor Conditions

Stay ahead of the game by monitoring forecasts so you’re not caught off guard when extreme conditions arrive.  Keep track of any Met Office weather warnings which highlight the possibility of hazardous conditions including heavy rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. 

Use Layering

Using layering is the best way to ensure workers can adapt to changing conditions. Layered clothing traps an insulating band of air between clothing, which keeps workers warm but can easily be removed if conditions improve. In extreme cold weather, an additional layer can be created with thermal under garments

Guard Against Rain and Wind

As well as cold temperatures, consider other conditions which can affect workers. Waterproof clothing is often a necessity to protect outdoor teams from rain. A waterproof set may do the job, or colder conditions may require a quilt-lined waterproof. Wind chill factor can also make air temperature feel dramatically lower. Use wind resistant fabrics to protect against wind chill such as our wind-proof rip resistant bomber jacket. 

Use Winter Proof Hi Vis

Winterproof high visibility clothing is essential for teams whose safety relies on being clearly seen. Try our best selling Courier, Freeway and Docker high vis waterproofs. They're quilt-lined and available in multiple colours. Our high performance hi vis features extra breathability including the Micro-Climate GORTEX anorak and the Hagen Ultra range.

Remember Extremities

Our extremities are particularly susceptible to the cold. Use thermal glovesthermal socks and thermal hats to keep feet, hands and heads warm. Are your workers wearing hard hats? Check out the cosy SureFit Beanie, designed to be worn underneath a helmet.

Make Plans for Ice and Snow

Ice and snow can cause treacherous conditions on site. Make sure you have a plan in place to keep your team safe on site. Read our Guide to Dealing with Ice and Snow On-Site.

Talk to the Safety Experts:

Talk to one of our dedicated Safety Champions today about your winter workwear needs. We offer a wide range of workwear and PPE at exceptional value. Need something in a hurry? Talk to our team about our next day delivery options.

We also offer a Man Pack service – organising and packing equipment for each of your team, saving you time and hassle when your order arrives on site.


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