Saving Time and Expense with Wireless Fire Alarms for Construction

Wireless fire alarms are an ideal solution for busy construction sites where flexibility is essential. Wireless solutions are cost effective and much simpler to install than traditional wired systems. With easy to move components, you can quickly adapt or expand a system to accommodate changes on-site. What’s more, in locations where alarms only need to be temporary, wireless systems can simply be moved to your next project

Wireless systems are also able to deliver coverage in difficult or inaccessible locations where wiring traditional systems would be problematic. Providing the components are positioned within range of the modules that receive their signals, you can fix them almost anywhere.

How it Works – Our Wireless Alarm Service Package

We offer a comprehensive fire alarm service, saving you time, frustration and expense. We’ll look after your fire alarms over their whole lifetime – we’ll even take care of them for you when you move site. Here’s how it works:

1.   Install & Maintain

-      Full site survey to ascertain scope and specify solution.

-      Alarm system delivered to site.

-      Placed in agreed site locations to ensure full site coverage.

-      Fully commissioned by trained engineers.

-      Ongoing maintenance and support whilst in service.

2.   Collect & Store

-      Alarm system decommissioned.

-      Checked off against site asset list.

-      Any missing items reported to client.

-      All alarms and components collected regardless of condition.

-      Removed from site to our storage.

3. Refurb & Service

-      Alarms assessed by our in-house engineers.

-      Report filled out for each.

-      Recommendations and quote for remedials sent to client.

-      Once approved, refurbishment is carried out on approval.

-      All alarms serviced and stored ready for next use.

At Enfield Safety, we stock the latest wireless fire alarm technology and have some of the UK’s leading experts on the Defender Fire Alarm range on hand to discuss your requirements. Speak to our Safety Champions today on 0333 003 5710.

Enfield Safety – no one works harder to bring you health, safety and welfare products at the right price, on time, every time.

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