• Workwear and PPE Made Simple

    Is it your job to source workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for your team? At Enfield Safety, we’re here to make your life easier and keep you under budget. From polo shirts and jumpers to hi vis and hard hats, we’ve got everything you need to keep team members safe, comfortable and looking smart. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley June 26 2019

  • Tested & Approved: EMITAGS are Fully Compatible with all JSP Hard Hats

    Emergency ID tags have become commonplace at high risk sites such as those found in the construction, oil and gas industries. Recently, a customer got in touch to ask if the adhesive used in the tag might affect the integrity of a hard hat and compromise safety. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley May 14 2019

  • Saving Time and Expense with Wireless Fire Alarms for Construction

    Wireless fire alarms are an ideal solution for busy construction sites where flexibility is essential. Wireless solutions are cost effective and much simpler to install than traditional wired systems. With easy to move components, you can quickly adapt or expand a system to accommodate changes on-site. What’s more, in locations where alarms only need to be temporary, wireless systems can simply be moved to your next project Read More

    By Samuel Rapley April 29 2019

  • Are You Making the Most of Your Site Hoardings?

    Hoarding is a standard requirement around most large construction sites to ensure safety and security. Why not take advantage of these spaces to boost your marketing efforts, build brand recognition and create a buzz around your development. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley January 17 2019

  • Hi Vis Workwear – Get the Essentials

    During the shorter days and more difficult weather conditions of Winter months, it’s vital to kit your team out with appropriate hi vis wear. We’ve gathered the essentials to cover all your hi vis requirements at exceptional value Read More

    By Samuel Rapley November 27 2018

  • Using Hard Hat Illumination for Worker Safety

    The darker days and misty conditions of Autumn and Winter call for a more robust approach to worker visibility. High visibility clothing is a must, but if you want to give vulnerable workers maximum protection, a VisiLite™ Hard Hat Illumination system can make all the difference. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley November 22 2018

  • Autumn Workwear Guide – Keep Your Team Safe & Working Well

    It’s that time of year when daylight working hours are getting ever shorter and difficult weather conditions are becoming more frequent. Autumn is underway and it’s time to make sure you have all the Autumn workwear you need to keep your team safe and working well. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley October 10 2018

  • Your On-Site Safety Signage Sorted

    Health and safety signs are essential on-site communication tools. Safety signs indicate hazards, give instructions and remind team members when they need additional equipment or PPE. When you select the right type of safety sign and place it correctly, it reinforces safety messages at the point of interaction with a potential hazard and keeps your team alert. Read More

    By Samuel Rapley August 16 2018

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