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Hearing Protection

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The use of ear protection can help shield a worker's hearing from harm brought on by loud or noisy surroundings. It is a legal obligation to provide and wear hearing protection in the workplace when exposure to noise levels goes above a certain level. Our range of ear defenders and ear plugs will help protect your hearing. 

Noisebeta Ear Plugs (200)

Ear Plugs Snr37 (200)

Code: E6000

From £14.79
(ex VAT) per Pack

Noisebeta Corded Ear Plugs (200)

Corded Ear Plugs Snr37 (200)

Code: E6001

From £47.36
(ex VAT) per Pack

Noisebeta Dispenser c/w 500 Plugs

Dispenser & 500 Earplugs Snr37

Code: E6007

From £49.90
(ex VAT) per Pack

Noisebeta Dispenser Earplugs Refill Pack (500) For E6007

Refill Earplugs Snr37 (for E6007)

Code: E6008

From £45.67
(ex VAT) per Pack

Lightweight Adjustable Semi-Aural Banded Hearing Protector (SNR26) Singles

Banded Hearing Protector Snr26

Code: E6015

From £2.50
(ex VAT) Each

Lightweight Earmuffs SNR27

Earmuffs Snr27

Code: E6100

From £2.54
(ex VAT) Each

Noisebeta 2 Earmuff

Earmuffs Snr30

Code: E6200

From £6.73
(ex VAT) Each

Helmet Mounted Earmuffs (SNR26)

Helmet Mounted Earmuffs Snr29

Code: E6300

From £9.27
(ex VAT) Each

Electronic Earmuffs SNR26

Electronic Earmuffs

Code: E6400

From £32.95
(ex VAT) Each

Pureflo3000 Ear Defenders

Pureflo3000 Ear Defenders

Code: EPF3000-EAR-2

From £23.00
(ex VAT) Each

Sonis®1 Ear Defenders 27 dB SNR

Sonis®1 Ear Defenders 27 Db Snr

Code: HEA010DEF

From £16.38
(ex VAT) Each

Sonis® 1 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 26db SNR

Sonis® 1 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 26Db Snr

Code: HEA010HME

From £13.98
(ex VAT) Each

Sonis®2 Adjustable Ear Defenders 31dB SNR

Sonis®2 Adjustable Ear Defenders 31Db Snr

Code: HEA020

From £17.58
(ex VAT) Each

Sonis® Compact Low Profile Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 31dB SNR

Sonis® Low Pro Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 31Db

Code: HEA030

From £22.25
(ex VAT) Each

Sonis®3 Adjustable Ear Defenders 37dB SNR

Sonis®3 Adjustable Ear Defenders 37Db Snr

Code: HEA040DEF

From £25.14
(ex VAT) Each

Sonis® 3 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 36dB SNR

Sonis® 3 Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders 36Db Snr

Code: HEA040HME

From £25.14
(ex VAT) Each