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Signage Accessories

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A1 Snapframe

A1 Snap Frame

Code: G3061

From £60.89
(ex VAT) Each

A2 Snapframe

A2 Snap Frame

Code: G3062

From £41.67
(ex VAT) Each

A3 Snapframe

A3 Snap Frame

Code: G3063

From £30.96
(ex VAT) Each

A4 Snapframe

A4 Snap Frame

Code: G3064

From £25.37
(ex VAT) Each

Grey Thermoplastic Coated Post  1.5Mtr x 76mm

1.5M Post

Code: G905P

From £37.25
(ex VAT) Each

Grey Thermoplastic Coated Post  3mtr x 76mm dia.

3.0M Post

Code: G910P

From £69.07
(ex VAT) Each

Clips 47mm (Pair - Scaffold Type)

Scaffold Type Clips

Code: G947P

From £9.02
(ex VAT) per Pair

Plastic Cap for 76mm dia post

Post Plastic Cap

Code: G953P

From £1.98
(ex VAT) Each

Steel Base for 76mm dia post

Steel Base For Post

Code: G954P

From £4.51
(ex VAT) Each

Dry Wipe Marker pen for signs

Dry Wipe Marker Pen For Signs

Code: G956P

From £2.00
(ex VAT) Each

Clear General Purpose Silicone 310ml

Clear Silicone - Clear

Code: G957P-Clear

From £3.04
(ex VAT) Each

White General Purpose Silicone 310ml

White Silicone - White

Code: G958P-White

From £2.91
(ex VAT) Each

Hanging Wires with Hooks (Pair – 500mm)

Hanging Wires

Code: G965F

From £2.82
(ex VAT) per Pair

Ceiling Clips (Pair)

Ceiling Clips

Code: G966P

From £1.98
(ex VAT) per Pair

Clips 76mm for fixing channelled signs to posts (Single)

76mm Clips

Code: G976P

From £9.02
(ex VAT) Each

Back to Back Clips (Set of 4)

Back to Back Clips

Code: G977P

From £15.79
(ex VAT) per Pack

Nylon Ties 370 x 3.6mm (Pack x 100)

Cable Ties (100)

Code: G980P

From £9.02
(ex VAT) per Pack

Dry Wipe Pens (4) & Eraser Kit

Dry Wipe Pen/Eraser

Code: G986P

From £21.63
(ex VAT) Each

Universal Clamps & Bands (Pair)

Universal Clamps/Bands

Code: G989P

From £20.45
(ex VAT) per Pair