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Security & Storage

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H/D Round Top, Fixed Leg, Pedestrian Barrier, Galvanised Interlocking 2.3 x 1.0m

Pedestrian Barrier

Code: MS01056831

(ex VAT) Each

Red Ultimate Pedestrian Hoop Barrier with Swing Gate and Stabilisers

Walkthrough Barrier - Red

Code: MS01057131-Red

(ex VAT) Each

H/D Anti-Climb Round Top Galvanised Perimeter Fencing 3.5 x 2.0m

Perimeter Fence

Code: MS07052232

(ex VAT) Each

Zinc Plated Coupler for fence panels

Fence Panel Couplers

Code: MS08551030

(ex VAT) Each

Galvanised Fence Stabiliser


Code: MS09551530

(ex VAT) Each

Galvanised Fence Stabiliser Pin

Stabiliser Pin

Code: MS09552230

(ex VAT) Each

Black Thermoplastic Fence Foot

Fence Foot - Black

Code: MS12551030-Black

(ex VAT) Each

50mm Long Shackle Security Padlock

Long Shackle Padlock

Code: MS620

From £5.80
(ex VAT) Each

4 Digit Brass Combination Padlock

4 Digit Combi Padlock

Code: MS621

From £6.99
(ex VAT) Each

65mm Weather Resistant Padlock

Weather Resistant Padlock

Code: MS622

From £5.41
(ex VAT) Each

50mm Steel Body Brass Cylinder Shrouded Padlock 23 x27mm Shackle Dia 9.5mm

Shrouded Padlock

Code: MS624

From £8.13
(ex VAT) Each

Heavy Duty Steel Hasp & Staple, 40 x 115mm

Hasp & Staple

Code: MS625

From £4.57
(ex VAT) Each

80mm Close Shackle Hardened Steel Armoured Shutter Padlock

Close Shackle Padlock

Code: MS626

From £12.95
(ex VAT) Each

40mm Brass Keyed Alike Padlock

Key Like Padlock

Code: MS629

From £8.00
(ex VAT) Each

900mm Steel Security Chain

Security Chain

Code: MS690

From £7.58
(ex VAT) Each

20-Pce Key Cabinet

20 Piece Key Cabinet

Code: MS691

From £21.11
(ex VAT) per Pack

Key Tags - Various Colours (Pack of 12)

Key Tags (12)

Code: MS702

From £3.35
(ex VAT) per Pack

Gate with Nylon Wheel 1.15 x 2.0m


Code: MS70551531

(ex VAT) Each

Pair of  Vehicle Entry Gates with Nylon Wheels  o/a dimensions 4.26 x 2.0m

Vehicle Entry Gates

Code: MS80551531

(ex VAT) per Pair

DrumCage COSHH Compliant Storage Unit for liquids, gases and solids 1215x1265x2080

Drumcage Coshh Compliant Storage Unit

Code: MSDRC4

From £1925.00
(ex VAT) Each