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Tool Tethering

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One technique to stop tools from falling or being dropped is to tether them. It entails fastening tools to the operative or, for larger tools, to a fixed anchor point. Tether your tools with lanyards, connectors, and belts, bags and holsters. 

LEADING EDGE Cobra MKII Retractable Lanyard ABS rubberised housing with PVU coated steel wire Single

Cobra MKII Retractable Lanyard


From £36.00
(ex VAT) Each

Clearance Pro Wire Swivel Tool Lanyard 1000mm c/w 2 Karabiners (Screw Gate)

Tool Lanyard

Code: EFA4385

(ex VAT) Each

Pro Wire Swivel Tool Lanyard 2000mm c/w 2 Karabiners (Screw Gate)

Tool Lanyard

Code: EFA4387

(ex VAT) Each

Spiral Tool Lanyard 440mm c/w 2 Karabiners (EFA4443)

Tool Lanyard

Code: EFA4443

From £17.47
(ex VAT) Each

Loop Velcro Wrist Tool Lanyard (Half Expansion) Large / XLarge - No Connector

Tool Lanyard

Code: EFA4530

(ex VAT) Each

Clearance (t)Tool Chuck Kit 3-6mm (EFA5020)

Tool Chuck

Code: EFA5020

(ex VAT) Each

Clearance (t)Tool Chuck Kit 5-8mm (EFA5021)

Tool Chuck

Code: EFA5021

(ex VAT) Each

Clearance (t) Tool Chuck Kit 16-20mm (EFA5025)

Tool Chuck

Code: EFA5025

(ex VAT) Each

Wire Anchor 200mm - No Connector (EFA5071)

Wire Anchor

Code: EFA5071

(ex VAT) Each

Steel (Zinc Plated) Mallion Connector (Screw Gate)


Code: EFA5148

From £0.53
(ex VAT) Each

Pro Stainless Steel D Shape Mallion Connector (Screw Gate)


Code: EFA5155

From £7.96
(ex VAT) Each

Drill Battery Shoe Large c/w 1000mm Elasticated Lanyard c/w Karabiner (EFA5189)

Battery Shoe

Code: EFA5189

(ex VAT) Each

5 Wrap Tethers & 5M Roll Of Tape

Single Wrap Tether

Code: EFA5204

From £22.71
(ex VAT) Each

3x 5M Roll Of Tape

Tape Wrap Tether

Code: EFA5208

From £29.18
(ex VAT) Each

Single Shank Tether - Large

Shank Tether

Code: EFA5221

From £5.03
(ex VAT) Each

Stainless Steel Karabiner Connector (Screw Gate)


Code: EFA5231

From £2.28
(ex VAT) Each

(t) Large Sock Lanyard (440mm Elasticated) (EFA5233)

Tool Sock

Code: EFA5233

(ex VAT) Each

Tool Safety Belt (up to 55

Blade Belt

Code: EFA6001

(ex VAT) Each

Clearance (t)Tablet Porfolio & Notepad Case - D Ring Fastening

Tablet Portfolio Case

Code: EFA7030

(ex VAT) Each

Clearance (t)Hammer Holster - Loop Fastening

Hammer Holster

Code: EFA7032

(ex VAT) Each