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Temporary Protection

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Our range of temporary protection products and materials are perfect to protect all surfaces and edges on a construction site. From stair protectors and carpet protectors, to door guard kits. We've got it covered.

Nylon Ties 370 x 3.6mm (Pack x 100)

Cable Ties (100)

Code: G980P

From £9.02
(ex VAT) per Pack

White Flame Retardent Sheet 2 Metre X 45 Metre

Flame Retardent Scaffolding Sheeting - White

Code: MS264-White

From £155.60
(ex VAT) Each

Blue Debris Netting 2 Metre x 50 Metre

Debris Netting - Blue

Code: MS268-Blue

From £31.93
(ex VAT) Each

Green Debris Netting 2 Metre X 50 Metre

Debris Netting - Green

Code: MS268-Green

From £31.93
(ex VAT) Each

Shock Cord Ties for scaffold sheeting (Pack of 100)

Shock Cord Ties

Code: MS270

From £31.57
(ex VAT) per Pack

Clear pallet stretch wrap 20 micron  400mm x 300Mtr

Pallet Wrap Clear - Clear

Code: MS363-Clear

From £14.05
(ex VAT) Each

Silver Cloth Tape 50mm X 50 Metre

Gaffa Tape - Silver

Code: MS50-Silver

From £3.35
(ex VAT) Each

Black/Yellow Floor Tape 50mm X 33 Metre

Floor Tape - Black / Yellow

Code: MS54-Black-Yellow

From £5.89
(ex VAT) Each

Red/White Floor Tape 50mm X 33 Metre

Floor Tape - Red/White

Code: MS55-Red-White

From £5.89
(ex VAT) Each

Clear Polythene Sheet 2.0 Metre x 50 Metre

Polythene Sheet - Clear

Code: MS56-Clear

From £12.65
(ex VAT) Each

Black PVC High Tack Tape 50mm X 33 Metre

High Tack Tape - Black

Code: MS57-Black

From £4.46
(ex VAT) Each

Black PVC Low Tack Tape 50mm X 100 Metre

Low Tack Tape Black - Black

Code: MS58-Black

From £5.59
(ex VAT) Each

Clear Double Sided Tape 50mm X 33 Metres

Double Sided Tape

Code: MS60

From £2.99
(ex VAT) Each

Tak Mats 61 X 91cm (Pack of 2)

Small Tak Mats (2)

Code: MS61

From £138.64
(ex VAT) per Pack

Tak Mats 104 X 91cm (Pack of 2)

Large Tak Mats (2)

Code: MS62

From £190.50
(ex VAT) per Pack

Masking Tape 50mm x 50M

Masking Tape

Code: MS63

From £3.34
(ex VAT) Each

3.5 Metre x 2.6 Metre 100% Cotton Dust Sheets

Cotton Dust Sheets

Code: MS676

From £7.58
(ex VAT) Each

3.6 Metre X 4.8 Metre Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin 3.6 x 4.8M

Code: MS682

From £10.96
(ex VAT) Each

6.1 Metre X 9.0 Metre Tarpaulin

Tarpaulin 6.1 x 9.0M

Code: MS683

From £32.25
(ex VAT) Each

DEFENDER 2.4M x 1.2M x 2mm Translucent Flame Retardent Correx Sheet

Flame Retardent Antinox Sheet

Code: TP131225

From £4.52
(ex VAT) Each