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Height Safety

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We supply the highest quality height safety equipment to ensure the maximum level of protection when working at height. Browse our fall arrest harness and lanyard, tool tethering solutions and many more height safety products today.

Clearance LEADING EDGE Tool Blade Belt 114cm (45

Tool Blade Belt

Code: BLT-B-S

(ex VAT) Each

LEADING EDGE Fixed Loop Webbing Single

Loop Webbing


From £6.95
(ex VAT) Each

LEADING EDGE Cobra MKII Retractable Lanyard ABS rubberised housing with PVU coated steel wire Single

Cobra MKII Retractable Lanyard


From £36.00
(ex VAT) Each

Full Body Harness c/w 2m Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Scaffolders Harness

Code: EFA104

From £67.38
(ex VAT) Each

Zenith Full Body Harness

Full Body Harness & Karibiner

Code: EFA106

From £34.87
(ex VAT) Each

Rescue/Confined Space Harness.

Confined Space Harness

Code: EFA110

From £71.46
(ex VAT) Each

Full Body Elasticated Harness & Karabiner

Full Body Elasticated Harness

Code: EFA122

From £54.06
(ex VAT) Each

Elasticated Scaffolders Harness c/w Lanyard & Hook

Scaffolders Elasticated Harness

Code: EFA124

From £102.63
(ex VAT) Each

Zenith Full Body Elasticated Harness with Multi-Fixing Lumber Support Belt

Full Body Elasticated Harness With Lumber Belt

Code: EFA129

From £136.51
(ex VAT) Each

Zenith Womens Full Body Harness

Womens Full Body Harness

Code: EFA133

From £117.26
(ex VAT) Each

Clearance (t) Hi-Vis Yellow Vest Harness

Hi-Viz Multi Pocket Vest & Harness Yellow - Yellow

Code: EFA136-Yellow

From £168.57
(ex VAT) Each

Clearance (t) Orange Multi Pocket Hi Vis Vest With Elasticated Harness & Karabiner

Hi-Viz Multi Pocket Vest & Harness Orange - Orange

Code: EFA138-Orange

From £168.57
(ex VAT) Each

1.8mtr Retractable Double Fall Arrest Block

1.8Mtr Retractable Double Fall Arrest Block

Code: EFA201

From £162.40
(ex VAT) Each

Fall Arrest Block 2.4M

Micro Block

Code: EFA202

From £68.26
(ex VAT) Each

Arrestabloc 2.65m Webbing

2.65M Arrestabloc

Code: EFA203

From £67.80
(ex VAT) Each

Zenith Auto Retracting 6M Webbing Block

6M Webbing Block

Code: EFA205

From £182.31
(ex VAT) Each

Fall Arrest Block 6m c/w Steel Cable

6M Fall Arrest Block

Code: EFA208

From £290.27
(ex VAT) Each

Arrestabloc 10m Cable

10M Arrestabloc

Code: EFA210

From £282.16
(ex VAT) Each

Arrestabloc 15m Cable

15M Arrestabloc

Code: EFA215

From £346.29
(ex VAT) Each

Arrestabloc 20m Cable

20M Arrestabloc

Code: EFA220

From £401.25
(ex VAT) Each