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Welcome to your one-stop shop for janitorial supplies. Our wide range of essentials including skincare & dispensers, cleaning products and wheelie bins. For all your construction site needs - we’ve got you covered!

**Hand Sanitisation Safety Station (KFPS3) c/w HAND SANITISATION BACKBOARD (ENF7376R) 2x Bottle Holders & 2x x822

Hand Sanitisation Safety Station

Code: 11-237

(ex VAT)

**Hand Sanitisation Board c/w HAND SANITISATION BACKBOARD (ENF7377R) & 1x X876

Hand Sanitisation Board

Code: 11-238

(ex VAT) Each

(C) Fresh Detox Antibacterial Wet Wipes 15 x 17cms (Pack of 120)

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Code: 16-428

From £2.49
(ex VAT) per Pack

Winter Studded Overshoe - Small (4-7)

Winter Studded Overshoe

Code: B1850

From £28.14
(ex VAT) per Pair

Uniwipe UltraGrime Wipes (Pack of 100)

Ultragrime Wipes

Code: JAN384WIP

(ex VAT) per Pack

Rubber Bucket 15 Litre


Code: MS11

From £5.89
(ex VAT) Each

Green 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin with Self Closing Lid

1100L Wheelie Bin

Code: MS20

From £561.50
(ex VAT) Each

Green 660 Litre Wheelie Bin

660L Wheelie Bin - Green

Code: MS36-Green

From £403.65
(ex VAT) Each

240 Litre Wheelie Bin - Black

240L Wheelie Bin - Black

Code: MS37-Black

From £70.99
(ex VAT) Each

240 Litre Wheelie Bin - Blue

240L Wheelie Bin - Blue

Code: MS37-Blue

From £70.99
(ex VAT) Each

240 Litre Wheelie Bin - Green

240L Wheelie Bin - Green

Code: MS37-Green

From £70.99
(ex VAT) Each

240 Litre Wheelie Bin - Red

240L Wheelie Bin - Red

Code: MS37-Red

From £70.99
(ex VAT) Each

240 Litre Wheelie Bin - Yellow

240L Wheelie Bin - Yellow

Code: MS37-Yellow

From £70.99
(ex VAT) Each

**Standard Site Welfare Essentials Kit

Standard Site Welfare Kit

Code: MS522

From £332.62
(ex VAT) Each

Standard Litter Picker

Litter Picker

Code: MS594

From £12.48
(ex VAT) Each

750ml Greener Toilet Cleaner - Pack x 12

750ml Greener Toilet Cleaner

Code: X1011

From £37.21
(ex VAT) per Pack

5L Greener Hand Soap - Pack x 2

5L Greener Hand Soap (2)

Code: X1024

From £36.98
(ex VAT) per Pack

5L Greener Washing Up Liquid - Pack x 2

5L Greener Washing Up Liquid

Code: X1036

From £28.08
(ex VAT) per Pack

750ml Greener Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner - Pack x 6

750ml Greener Multi Surface Cleaner

Code: X1044

From £21.09
(ex VAT) per Pack

**Skin Care Station

Skin Care Centre

Code: X1850

From £71.70
(ex VAT) Each